Stand for 6″ Black Series

‘Hasbro has used at least two different sizes of foot holes for its figures, so I have provided two versions of the stand. Each is marked on the bottom so you can tell them apart. Version A is the one you’ll want to use for most figures, while Version B has slightly larger pegs for figures like Vader and Chewbacca (and possibly others).” Just over 2 hours per stand (there are cheaper bulk options on small clear stands out there so if you’re not emotionally invested in this design, shop around).

How it Works

Whilst we’re ultra-nerdy enough to run a fine suite of well maintained 3D printers, our CAD skills are a work in progress. We’re predominantly a 3D printing service and only charge for machine time, which is usually only NZ$3.00 p.h.! Our little 3D print store is simply an example of some of the items we can print for you from well know sources such as It’s a great source of 3D Printer files and we invite you to explore. If you see something you like, just come back to us for a print quote. ThingiVerse designs are covered by a range of different licenses from ‘free to do what you want’ Creative Commons licenses right through to ‘non-commercial’ clauses. For anything other than CC, we’ll work with you to ensure no distribution licenses are breached (usually by simply asking the designer if we can print the item on your behalf). Easy as that. So if you’re looking for a design we don’t have listed as an example, just contact us.

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