The team at have over 5 years experience of working in the 3D print space. Our Rotorua 3D printing service delivers exceptional print results for your digital 3D model files. We can print your digital files in a variety of media including PLA, PLA+, PETG and flexible TPU.

With multiple FDM machines on our print floor, we have the capacity to turn around small to medium batches of models in a timely manner. The majority of our machines are 320mm x 320mm x 400mm print volume, with our larger machines able to print models up to 420mm x 420mm x 500mm. As well as offering 3D printing services to external clients, we print, stock & retail a range of public domain / designer licensed hobby parts & pop culture items. We ship nationwide.

Architectural model.


We just love technology, gadgets, gizmos and pop culture. As well as offering exceptional 3D printing services for designers and engineers, a large component of our print time is dedicated to producing ‘fun stuff’ for a range of hobbies & pastimes.

Not only do we print professionally designed files (such as Hex3D) under license, there are hundreds of thousands of files already in the public domain that we can source and print under the Creative Commons license. We can also print commercially acquired & licensed files (purchased & downloaded for personal use) as a one-off, but not in quantity.

You can find some examples of the items we print in our online store.


Along with a love of all things tech, we also love the planet. Whenever possible, we will encourage our clients to choose PLA filament. PLA stands for polylactic acid, a bioplastic product derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, cassava, or sugarcane. PLA is more readily biodegradable (under set conditions) than other alternatives.

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We’re a friendly bunch who just love delivering our boutique Rotorua 3D printing services. Drop us a line.

You will need to already posses an STL model file or provide a URL (link)..

We are a print service only. We do not scan items or design 3D models..